Two Sisters Art Concepts

Several years ago, I started to get serious with photography and I challenged myself to find the beauty and emotion in everything I photographed. From raw nature to inner city to portraits, I wanted my passion for the art of the simple beauty of life to be captured through the lens of my camera. When this beauty that surrounds us is overlooked, I want my photographs to remind us of the pure beauty, life and emotion that we are missing. Whether it is the sight of a fresh Spring snow, a baby bird learning to fly, or the lights of the city, let these images inspire your senses to relive the simple beauty of life.

My sister was a great influence on my start in photography.  Although I had always loved photography for my own personal interest, she introduced me to the world of DSLR.  I quickly fell in love with it.  Living in Richmond, VA near the James River, I spent the weekends on the banks of the river looking for any subject, and travelled to the nearby beach and mountains.  The rich history of Richmond  also has plenty to lend to photography.   I love hiking with my friends, my dogs, and wanderlusting.   I hope my passion fills you with joy. 



                                17th St.  Market

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