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About a month ago, a couple friends & myself went to Washington. Our main focus was a backpacking trip (and photography for me) on the Hoh Rainforest trail to the Blue Glacier Trail. Day one was supposed to be to the base of the Blue Glacier Trail and camp overnight. Day two we were going to Blue Glacier and back to camp. Hike out on day three. A total of 34 miles. I got this…… Up to mile 12 it was fairly flat & I lagged behind photographing the lush plant life of the rainforest and the aqua waters of the Hoh River along with numerous waterfalls & streams. It was beautiful, but hard to keep up to the long stride of our 6 foot plus lead. Then came the last 5 miles. Crossing streams and climbing over downed trees on precarious slopes was testy on these short legs. As I was fighting off nausea, I was gulping water down. We made it, although tired, hungry, blistered feet and just ready to sleep. We thought we were in shape for this. We quickly made the decision to skip hiking up to Blue Glacier. Our feet were in no shape and we had concerns about the lack of snacks we had to do 2 more strenuous hikes. We were happy with the 34 miles we were going to hike without the Blue Glacier. So we hiked out the next morning. One of the hikers in the front with my sandals on her blistered feet, and the long strider behind me pushing. (I think they secretly conspired against me) With visions of a fat burger and a shower in our heads, we pushed on. We made it through the beauty of the Hoh, blistered & bruised but well worth it. I did learn a ton from this trip. 1- lighten your load. 2- change your socks. 3- drinking too much water is as bad as dehydration….yes, hyponatremia. 4- enjoy the journey, take the time to take more photos. 5- hike with short friends…lol ..well . 6- train more (steps, more hikes). Getting ready for my next trip to the PNW at the end of August. I am working those steps and getting more hiking in.

Hoh River Trail

Deep in the Hoh
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Canyon Down Below
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